Taylor Consulting Psychological & Investigative Services Inc. was formed in 2000 to assess and manage situations involving human behavior, the workplace, and/or the legal system. Our work with individuals typically includes improving personal or professional performance. Our work with organizations typically includes assessing and managing issues of potential litigation and improved business performance and practices. Our work with the legal system typically includes strategic consulting.

Our specialization lies in the assessment and management of situations that involve each of the above domains. For example, we often evaluate, investigate, and manage situations where an individual’s behavior is resulting in complaints from co-workers and/or business disruption such as workplace violence, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, discrimination, other cases of potential litigation, inappropriate or ineffective management/leadership, and problematic business performance and practices.

We utilize our objective position, our experience with thousands of professionals and organizations, and our expertise in human behavior to provide exceptional professional services to individuals and organizations. We envision the information and services we provide will assist our clients reduce their legal exposure, serve their internal or external clients, carry out their organization’s mission, overcome obstacles or setbacks, maximize profitability, and improve the quality of their personal and professional lives.

Psychologist License #PSY21358       Private Investigator License #PI24631
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